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CCPA Disclosure for CA Residents

Flexible sales opportunities to help people find Health Insurance coverage

Total work freedom

Work where, when, and how you want. Opposed to other people setting your schedule, you are your own boss with access to consumers all day, every day.

Massive Marketing Spend

Assurance will spend over $380 million in 2021 to acquire high-intent shoppers that are delivered to our agents at no cost. We own the most-trafficked insurance websites, while also driving shoppers to you through TV ads and direct mail.

Complete Expert Support

The Assurance platform provides all of the technology, administrative, and sales support that you need. We want your questions answered quickly so you can sell efficiently.

Dynamic Technology Platform

Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy to connect with customers and find plans through multiple carriers. You will spend less time troubleshooting and more time making sales.

High Earning Potential

Commissions and bonuses create uncapped earnings potential. Assurance agents combine their sales skills with efficiencies of the platform and the quality of the shopper to realize substantial compensation.

Fast Payments

On top of commissions, you may earn onboarding bonuses, show-up bonuses, frequent incentives, and enrollment fees!

Earn up to $600 in sign-on bonuses

How do I sign up?

1. Complete the form above.

2. Fill out the questionnaire.

3. Schedule a quick phone call with our team.

4. Get appointed and complete online training.

5. Log on to the platform, and start earning money.


Sell ACA, STM, & more from top-rated carriers

Health insurance agents sell Short Term Medical, Indemnity, and ancillaries such as Dental, Vision, Hospital Indemnity, AD&D, and Tele Medicine, designed for one-call closes.

Assurance has ACA plans available from even more carriers than before! ACA is a BIG deal! It will be the biggest part of this year’s OEP season. Now is the time to return to the health insurance business and sell with us, especially now with UHC ACA policies.

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The Assurance experience

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As soon as you’re ready, shoppers will be transferred to you.

Make a sale and get paid

Daily, your commission will be direct-deposited to your account right after you make the sale (except Sundays).

Top Questions

*Do you offer any sign-on bonuses before OEP starts?
Yes! We’re currently offering up to $600 in sign-on bonuses. There is our:

  1. ”Warm Up” Bonus: $250! Complete these 2 parts: 1) Get appointed with 4 carriers by September 30th, and 2) complete 5 enrollments between 10/1-10/15
  2. ”Final Rehearsal” Bonus: $250. Complete 5 enrollments between 10/16-10/31
  3. ”Start Strong” Bonus: $100 for your 1st enrollment during OEP
How about a “returning” bonuses for returning agents?
Actually we do! We’re also offering up to $600 in returning bonuses for past agents. There is our:

IMPORTANT: only for agents who achieved ready-to-sell (RTS) status, but DID NOT sell a Health policy on the Assurance platform

  1. ”Warm Up” Bonus: $250! Complete these 2 parts: 1) Get appointed with 4 carriers by September 30th, and 2) complete 5 enrollments between 10/1-10/15
  2. ”Final Rehearsal” Bonus: $250. Complete 5 enrollments between 10/16-10/31
  3. ”Start Strong” Bonus: $100 for your 1st enrollment during OEP

Want to learn more or see if you qualify? Drop your name here and our Lead Onboarding Manager, Ornella Sciumbata, will get back to you shortly.
Comp! How much can I expect to earn?
We're glad you asked! We worked with data scientists to come up with how much our average on-demand (independent) agent earns (per year), given the "hours per week" they commit to.

Can I refer people and make money?
Yes. After you become an activated agent, you will receive a unique referral link and code that you can share.

You can make up to $1,100 per person referred (no cap of how many you can refer)! Your referral also gets $100, just for taking a call on the platform.
Do I get residuals?
There are no residuals. Instead, we focus on maximizing your compensation up front through a lucrative commission schedule and many bonus opportunities.
Am I a captive agent?
No. Agents who use the Assurance platform are free to work as an agent with other employers or for themselves.
Do I have to be appointed through Assurance?
Yes. If appointed with our carriers through other agencies, you’ll have to get reappointed through Assurance.
Can I work other jobs?
Yes. You can make Assurance your sole source of income, or you can supplement other jobs. Total work freedom.
Why do I need 5 state licenses?
When you log on to the platform, you immediately start getting calls from shoppers who live in the states for which you have licenses. The more state licenses you have, the more calls you can take. The fewer state licenses you have, the more likely it is you will experience long wait times between calls, which can be a frustrating experience.
What is the chargeback window?
45 days — significantly shorter than the industry average.
Are there benefits?
This is a contract role, so there are no traditional benefits. Just the benefits to you that come with joining the Assurance platform.