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Help improve people's coverage with products that fit their needs—from Whole and Term Life to ACA or Medicare Advantage.


Our system automatically matches you to the in-demand insurance calls of the moment, based on your unique product portfolio.


You could get paid more because you have more products to offer in your portfolio. Sell multiple lines to avoid missing out on sales.

Top Questions

What are your requirements?
To become a non-captive agent at Assurance, you must already have your resident state license before selling at Assurance.
  • Select your line of insurance below for specific requirements.
  • License requirements may include: National Insurance Producer license, additional state licenses, and any annual certifications.
  • Non-captive agents provide their own equipment: Laptop or computer with highspeed internet (20mbps download and 10mbps upload). Softphone-compatible USB headset.
Why do I need to select a line of insurance if I plan to sell multiple lines?
To get started with Assurance, please submit your information and begin onboarding with one line of insurance first. After you successfully join the Assurance Platform, you will be able to add other LOIs to your account. You will also have access to our free training and dedicated support so you can learn about new LOIs, too!
Are there still free leads?
Yes! As an Assurance Agent, you get free leads who are real, in-market shoppers, sourced directly from Assurance’s owned and operated lead-gen channels. You'll have an upside in your earnings because you won’t spend money on leads! Our system will connect you to warm, inbound calls from shoppers who are looking for the lines you have to offer.