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Assurance provides an unparalleled Medicare sales opportunity for elite agents

Total work freedom

Work where, when, and how you want. Opposed to other people setting your schedule, you are your own boss with access to consumers all day, every day.

Massive Marketing Spend

Assurance will spend over $380 million in 2021 to acquire high-intent shoppers that are delivered to our agents at no cost. We own the most-trafficked insurance websites, while also driving shoppers to you through TV ads and direct mail.

Complete Expert Support

The Assurance platform provides all of the technology, administrative, and sales support that you need. We want your questions answered quickly so you can sell efficiently.

Dynamic Technology

Assurance’s state-of-the-art technology platform is built to empower you to do what you do best: sell insurance. Built by a team of ex-Amazon, Facebook, and Google engineers, our platform makes you exponentially more productive.

High Earning Potential

Commissions and bonuses create uncapped earnings potential. Assurance agents combine their sales skills with efficiencies of the platform and the quality of the shopper to realize substantial compensation.

Fast Commissions

Sick of waiting to receive your commissions? Assurance pays DAILY via Zelle so you will get money (near) instantly into your bank account.

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Medicare insurance agents sell Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans.

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Top questions.

Can I refer people and make money?
Yes! After you become an activated agent, you will receive a unique referral link and code that you can share. You can make up to $1,100 per person referred (and no cap how many you can refer).
What is the chargeback window?
Around 4 months — much shorter than the industry average.
Do I get residuals?
There are no residuals. Instead, agents get guaranteed sales bonuses, and a much higher quantity of free, inbound, qualified leads, than any other opportunity.
Am I a captive agent?
No. Agents who use the Assurance platform are free to work as an agent with other employers or for themselves.
Do I have to be appointed through Assurance?
Yes. If appointed with our carriers through other agencies, you’ll have to get reappointed through Assurance.
When do I get paid?
You start earning money when you start selling policies on our platform.

Specific to Annual Election Period (AEP), we have a call efficiency plan that pays you during AEP (same day Service Fee payments). You will then receive the traditional post-AEP payments at the conclusion of AEP.
How much do I have to work?
You can work as often or as little as you want. And you can take as much time off between log-ins as you need.
Why do you recommend 4+ state licenses?
When you log in to the platform, you immediately start getting calls from shoppers who live in the states for which you have licenses. The more state licenses you have, the more calls you can take. The fewer state licenses you have, the more likely it is you will experience long wait times between calls, which can be a frustrating experience.
Will I be a Prudential employee?
You are not an employee, you are actually an independent contractor. Assurance is a subsidiary of Prudential Financial. Your contract is with Assurance, not Prudential Financial.
What are indicators of platform success?
Each agent has their own definition of “success.” But agents with phone sales experience, entrepreneurial spirit, disciplined time management skills, and comfort with technology are more likely to have a good experience.
Are there benefits?
This is a contract role, so there are no traditional benefits. Just the benefits to you that come with joining the Assurance platform.
Does Assurance grant immediate releases to Medicare Agents?
Assurance does not provide immediate releases for Healthcare agents (Medicare and Under 65 Health). Agents may avail themselves to carrier processes for obtaining a release. Assurance’s release policy is subject to change at Assurance’s discretion. Any questions regarding Assurance’s release policy or regarding a specific agents release may be directed to