Simply Sell Medicare

You bring your Medicare expertise. We'll bring everything else.

Earn Anytime, Anywhere

Entirely remote Medicare sales. Chart your career path, set your own schedule, and make a difference for customers.

High Earning Potential

Connect to free, pre-screened leads with no prospecting and no case management. Our system covers everything else so you can focus on sales and your earnings goal.

Dedicated Support

Learn from experienced trainers and join a community of agents. Our easy-to-use tools empower you to help customers find a plan from multiple carriers.

How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the qualification form

Attend a webinar and meet our team

Online training and carrier appointments

Take calls, earn money, help customers

Sell Medicare from some of the largest carriers in the country

Assurance Medicare agents may sell Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans.

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How It Works

Free Leads

Assurance's owned and operated sites source millions of leads. We transfer warm, in-market shoppers to you within minutes of them expressing interest.

Simple Sales Platform

Our all-in-one quoting and application tool means no paperwork for you and automatic policy recommendations to help customers.

Build Your Career

Manage your own schedule to meet your earnings goal with uncapped commissions. Attend free trainings to improve your sales.

Top Questions

Comp! How much could I earn?
We're glad you asked! Based on data from thousands of Assurance agents, here's how much our average on-demand (independent) agent earns (per year), based on the "hours per week" they worked.

Can I refer-a-friend?
Absolutely! After you become an active agent, you'll receive a unique referral link you can share.
Do I have to be appointed through Assurance?
Yes. If appointed with our carriers through other agencies, you’ll have to get reappointed through Assurance.
When do I get paid?
You start earning money when you start selling policies on our platform.

Specific to Annual Election Period (AEP), we have a call efficiency plan that pays you during AEP (same day Service Fee payments). You will then receive the traditional post-AEP payments at the conclusion of AEP.
Do I get residuals?
There are no residuals. Instead, agents get guaranteed sales bonuses, and a much higher quantity of free, inbound, qualified leads, than any other opportunity.
Why do you recommend 4+ state licenses?
When you start selling at Assurance, you will get calls from shoppers across the country. The more state licenses you have, the more calls you can take. If you don't already have 4 state licenses, you must acquire additional licenses during your Assurance onboarding period.
Will I be a Prudential employee?
You are not an employee, you are actually an independent contractor. Assurance is a subsidiary of Prudential Financial. Your contract is with Assurance, not Prudential Financial.
What is the chargeback window?
Around 4 months — much shorter than the industry average.
Are there benefits?
This is a contract role, so there are no traditional benefits. Just the benefits to you that come with joining the Assurance platform.
Does Assurance grant immediate releases to Medicare Agents?
No releases shall be given for releases that were requested between July 15, 2021 and December 31, 2021. For any releases requested during this period, the request will be deemed made on January 1 of the following year.

For a release to be requested it must be contemporaneous with or following the termination of employment or the termination of the agent’s Master Services Agreement.

For agents that have switched lines of insurance, the longer period shall apply.

All requests for releases shall be delivered in writing to the Release Department at

1099 Agents that obtain a status with a carrier requiring a release, but never sell a policy on the Assurance platform shall be provided a release within 5 business days of request;

1099 agents that voluntarily or involuntarily terminate their Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) with Assurance shall be provided a release within 75 days of their chargeback period expiring or 120 days from the termination of their MSA whichever period is shorter.
Do I need to be a licensed agent?
Yes, you must already have your resident state license before selling at Assurance. Required licenses include: Health license, additional state licenses (see above), and any annual certifications.