Join the Assurance platform and sell
Medicare this year.

Take charge of your career and help customers find coverage through our free platform, when and where you want.

Join the Assurance platform
and sell Medicare this year.

Take charge of your career and help customers find coverage through our free platform, when and where you want.

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Flexible sales opportunities to help people find Medicare coverage

At Assurance, we are innovative, persevering, collaborative, calculated, and authentic—and we're working together to improve lives across the country!

We simplify the complex world of insurance into valuable solutions to improve people's lives. We start by asking customers a few questions so our system can learn about their needs. From there, our ground-breaking, proprietary platform takes over and analyzes the thousands of data points that make customers unique. This is how we create custom-tailored plans for each customer's precise needs and budget.

Assurance agents are at the center of all these interactions.

Build your insurance career and help people find coverage that fits their needs.

The Assurance Experience

Average Assurance Medicare Agents Earn $68K-$73K Annually

What Do I Need To Become An Assurance Agent?

Current AHIP certification

4+ insurance state licenses

Your National Producer ID Number (NPN)

High speed internet, reliable computer, and a headset

Track record of compliant insurance sales practices


The Assurance Difference

Earn Anytime, Anywhere

Your work-life balance matters to us. Work where, when, and how you want. You are your own boss and you set your own schedule all day, every day.

High Earning Potential

Thousands of agents have chosen the Assurance platform to advance their insurance career. On average, independent Medicare agents at Assurance make an annual income of $68K-$73K (see "Top Questions" below to learn more).

Dedicated Support

Learn from experienced professionals during Medicare training and join a community of agents across the country. We work hard for you so that you can work hard for customers.

Dynamic Technology Platform

Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy to connect with customers and find plans through multiple carriers. You will spend less time troubleshooting and more time making sales.

Save Time and Money

We do marketing, so you don’t have to. Assurance will spend over $380 million in 2021 to source qualified, inbound leads, all available at no cost to you. You can focus on your sales instead of finding customers.

Fast Payments

On top of commissions, you may earn onboarding bonuses, show-up bonuses, frequent incentives, and enrollment fees!

Start Selling Medicare With Assurance

How Do I Sign Up?

1. Submit the form above to get started.

2. Click “Begin Onboarding Process” on the next page.

3. Enter your banking and 1099 details and complete your contracting paperwork.

4. Receive your carrier appointments.

5. Complete Assurance's online and live training programs.

6. Sell Medicare plans and helping customers find coverage.


Sell policies from top carriers

Assurance Medicare agents may sell Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans.

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Top Questions

How much money can I earn?
We're glad you asked! Based on data from thousands of Assurance agents, here's how much our average on-demand (independent) agent earns (per year), based on the "hours per week" they worked.

Can I refer people and make more money?
Yes! After you become an activated agent, you will receive a unique referral link and code that you can share.

You can make up to $1,200 per person referred (and no cap how many you can refer).
Do I have to be appointed through Assurance?
Yes. If appointed with our carriers through other agencies, you’ll have to get reappointed through Assurance.
When do I get paid?
You start earning money when you start selling policies on our platform.

Specific to Annual Election Period (AEP), we have a call efficiency plan that pays you during AEP (same day Service Fee payments). You will then receive the traditional post-AEP payments at the conclusion of AEP.
Do I get residuals?
There are no residuals. Instead, agents get guaranteed sales bonuses, and a much higher quantity of free, inbound, qualified leads, than any other opportunity.
Why do you recommend 4+ state licenses?
When you log in to the platform, you immediately get calls from shoppers who live in the states for which you have licenses. The more state licenses you have, the more calls you can take. The fewer state licenses you have, the more likely it is you will experience long wait times between calls.
Will I be a Prudential employee?
You are not an employee, you are actually an independent contractor. Assurance is a subsidiary of Prudential Financial. Your contract is with Assurance, not Prudential Financial.
What is the chargeback window?
Around 4 months — much shorter than the industry average.
Are there benefits?
This is a contract role, so there are no traditional benefits. Just the benefits to you that come with joining the Assurance platform.
Does Assurance grant immediate releases to Medicare Agents?
No releases shall be given for releases that were requested between July 15, 2021 and December 31, 2021. For any releases requested during this period, the request will be deemed made on January 1 of the following year.

For a release to be requested it must be contemporaneous with or following the termination of employment or the termination of the agent’s Master Services Agreement.

For agents that have switched lines of insurance, the longer period shall apply.

All requests for releases shall be delivered in writing to the Release Department at

1099 Agents that obtain a status with a carrier requiring a release, but never sell a policy on the Assurance platform shall be provided a release within 5 business days of request;

1099 agents that voluntarily or involuntarily terminate their Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) with Assurance shall be provided a release within 75 days of their chargeback period expiring or 120 days from the termination of their MSA whichever period is shorter.
CCPA Disclosure for CA Residents