Don’t take our word for it.
Listen to what agents say about Assurance.

Assurance’s cutting edge platform gives agents the opportunity to make as much money as they want, when they want, from wherever they want. And Assurance agents are driven just as much by helping others as building their own career.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what the Assurance platform means to the agents who use it…

The opportunity:

“Assurance was already ahead of the curve and now all the other insurance companies are trying to figure out how to be Assurance.”

-Karl Slomchinski

“I was with Combined for 4 months. I was captive, gone all day, had to dress up, and put 10K miles on my car. Payouts were insanely low. I was given a max of 145 leads/30 days. Chargebacks hit for up to 9-10 months.

I made more with Assurance in my first 6 weeks than in my four months with Combined. I WORK FROM HOME!!! The pay, customer service, and training are amazing. The leads are better than anywhere I’ve ever been. I can reach out for help, and I get paid up to 3 times/day! I can work whatever hours I want and still make money. I love this job!!!”

-Jennifer Raines

“If you’re working in a call center, it can be kind of an oppressive atmosphere. They don’t want you to have a cell phone out because of HIPAA and they don’t want you to spend too long on going to the bathroom, or taking a break, or taking lunch or whatever. Now that I’m home, I can take care of my son.”

-Janille McCall

The freedom:

“The flexibility of the platform at Assurance is one of the things that attracted me to the position. I was coaching high school basketball for the women’s team, [I’m] one of the co-chairs for women’s day at my church, and that involves a lot of meetings. I have an energetic five-year-old granddaughter who always keeps me on my toes, and in addition to all this, my mom had major back surgery. I don’t believe it would have been possible for me to coach, co-chair, help my mom, take care of my granddaughter, and still find success on the platform at any other company.”

-Melissa Saunders

“It is an important feature to be able to work from home. I have a son who’s a disabled vet who lives with me. I’m his caregiver and he’s had a traumatic brain injury. So he needs guidance and queuing, etc. So for me to be able to be at home where I can do those sorts of things. That’s great. It’s invaluable actually.”

-Janille McCall

“Assurance has exceeded my expectations and is bringing life insurance sales into the future. The best part is you work from home. Your business. Your success! Here’s what makes Assurance the best: Training, Technology, The Script, Money, and Support.”

-Andrea Sayson

Helping people:

“What I like about this industry is fulfilling people’s needs and helping them and letting them know that I’m looking out for them. I kind of treat them like my own parents or family and they sense that.”

-Kelly Clark

“I’m licensed in 18 states and I have calls coming in and I’m talking to people throughout the United States, sitting right in my own little office in my home. And I love that. I’m able to talk to a multitude of people across a larger area other than where I live. And I think that is phenomenal.”

-Michael Guinn

“Insurance is something that people need, and it’s something I can relate to from my own personal situations. Some of the health issues that customers are facing have occurred in my life and my family’s lives, so I can relate to the challenges people are facing, and I enjoy helping solve those issues.”

-Vern Leaman


“I used to purchase leads myself and I know how expensive it can be, always digging into your own pocket to pay for your portion of leads. But with Assurance, they purchase all the leads, and all you gotta do is sell the product.

Before I always had to set appointments and then drive to see clients. Sometimes I’d go see them, and they wouldn’t be there. Then I’d have to reschedule and set up another time. With Assurance, I only answer calls, and I don’t have to chase people. And I know the people calling are really interested in insurance. So the response is much better because I’m dealing with customers who are really ready to learn and get more information. I can focus on meeting their needs and selling them a product they can truly value.”

-Michael Guinn

“Leads, in my experience, are what really made a company that you’re working with, or for, stand out or be successful. And that is something that Assurance does a phenomenal job with - providing leads.”

-Kelly Clark

“I’ve never found anything close to this with any other insurance company. This is the best platform that you can be on and there is nothing else that compares, and it’s only going to get better. I would definitely recommend that agents should get on the Assurance platform and change their lives.”

-Karl Slomchinski

The platform:

“The Assurance platform is light years more advanced than any platform I’ve worked on before.”

-Vern Leaman

“This is the best platform that you can be on and there is nothing else that compares, and it’s only going to get better. I would definitely recommend that agents should get on the Assurance platform and change their lives. I’ve been doing this for 11 years and can honestly say that the Assurance platform is the best I’ve seen.”

-Saed Kovacevic

“What I really like most about Assurance is their technology, being on the cutting edge of the market. The changes they have done on the platform have benefitted me as an agent and the company as a whole. They make selling insurance so much easier because they’re really advanced and ahead of most other companies.”

-Michael Guinn