Refer an agent.
Get up to $1,100.

Earn up to $1,100 when any agent you refer joins and starts selling with Assurance.

Many of the best agents on our platform were referred by other great agents, because Assurance agents know what it takes to succeed.

That’s why we improved our referral program with up to $1,100 in reward money for you.

When the agent base improves, more shoppers get the personalized coverage right for them. When they have a great experience, they refer more shoppers, which means more opportunity for everyone.

How it works

We’ve simplified our program so it’s easy for you and the agents you refer. All you have to do is share your referral link. When the agent you referred takes their first call, you both get $100.

But you keep earning!

You will continue to earn $100 for each sale your referrals make – all the way up to their first 10 sales!

Six simple steps

  • 1 Identify a great agent.
  • 2 Go to my
  • 3 Click on our new tab, called
    Refer and earn $$”.
  • 4 Copy your agent referral link.
  • 5 Share it with agents who will be
    successful on the platform.
  • 6 6 Earn cash for each of their first 10 sales.